Inspection Camera Reviews

Inspection cameras are one of the newest hi tech tools you will find on the market today. Whether you are a home owner who considers himself handy, or a professional who has to be equipped with all the latest tools in order to perform your job at a high level, there is an inspection camera for you.

Most major brand names in the tool business have come out with at least one inspection camera, and some of them have come out with an entire line of these devices in an effort to have a specific camera to offer you no matter what your need or budget. Milwaukee Tool is a good example of this approach, as they have several inspection cameras for sale at good prices, all offering a slightly different number and type of features. On the other hand, you have Dewalt, one of the most trusted names in power tools. Many contractors swear by Dewalt and will look no further than that brand if there is even one option in the tool type they are looking for. It just so happens that is exactly the case when it comes to Dewalt inspection cameras. They have one model available, and as expected it is one of the most popular on the market.

This site will offer you reviews of the most popular inspection cameras available, and will direct you to the lowest prices for those cameras. We will educate you on the various features of inspection cameras in general, as well as the specific features of each unit we review.

One of the first things we want to clear up has to do with the various names associated with inspection cameras. Snake camera, thermal imaging camera, fiber optic camera, etc. Those names are all different ways of naming the same general tool that is the inspection camera. of course, there are specific versions that specialize in things like thermal imaging, just as there are others that do a better job of snaking through pipes and other hard to reach places, making them better known as snake cameras.

There are many different professional areas that make regular use of these tools, and the specific use you will use your inspection camera for will point you in the direction of the best unit for you. For example, plumbers will make good use of an inspection camera system that includes a large spool of flexible line that can be fed through long distances of piping. On the other hand, an auto mechanic only needs a short flexible camera in order to see what is going on inside an engine. Other types of contractors, and many homeowners, use their camera for a variety of things. They all have to do with a need for the ability to see behind something and diagnose a problem and solution.

In response to this wide variety of uses, manufacturers have delivered a huge array of inspection cameras. From a relatively basic inspection camera that might cost around $100, up to very complex units costing several thousands of dollars, there really is an inspection camera for every need and budget. Our goal is to help you sort out all your options, and point you to the version of this great tool that will fit your needs and budget.

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