Bosch PS91-1A Optical Scope

Bosch PS91-1A Optical ScopeBosch PS91-1A Optical Scope

The Bosch PS91-1A Optical Scope is an optical inspection scope that offers clear images transmitted to a 2.7 inch LCD screen. Fitted with a 48 inch imager and hook and mirror accessories, this piece of equipment makes capturing images of confined spaces easily doable. The Bosch PS91-1A Inspection Camera also comes with a max lithium ion battery for long life and portable use.

Features and Technical Specifications

The Bosch PS91-1A comes with various features that enable it to take clear images of confined spaces. It operates using a light and lens configuration that provides maximum visibility. The system makes diffusion possible and prevents hot spots and glare. The system also makes a larger range of depth of field possible. Enhanced optics with the 48 inch imager with a 17mm head works with the bright LED light to give the best results of images even when capturing images in dark areas. There is also a 36 inch imager with a 9.5 mm head and a 9.5 mm hook for very tight spaces. The tool sports the shortest imager head length and the 2.7 inch screen facilitates easy viewing.

There‚Äôs a 9 pin connector that makes attachment and removal very easy. The unit features an automatic shut off, a 120 volt input battery charger, and an extension length of 36 feet. The screen features a maximum resolution of 320×240 and an impressive run time of 15 hours courtesy of the lithium ion batteries.


Users love the clear and crisp images provided by the Bosch PS91-1A. The unit can still focus even from less than a foot in distance, and clear, focused images can still be had using the 17 or the 9.5 mm wand. The screen size is large enough to provide identifiable images but not too large to occupy the largest portion of the unit, and the lithium ion battery provides a longer battery life compared to other inspection cameras and optical scopes. The one touch buttons on the scope unit also makes control very easy.

Although it does pretty well for a small optical scope the Bosch PS91-1A lacks some features that would make it a great product. It does not record video or still shots, lacks a digital zoom, and is not waterproof, making it virtually useless for aquatic work. There are other optical inspection camera units that go for considerably less than the Bosch PS91-1A Scope but feature underwater shooting abilities, so this may be a deal breaker for some customers. In addition, there is no high definition capture setting. The standard resolution does not always provide enough details especially in very dark areas. The way the inspection camera is designed also makes holding it a little bit awkward, despite the textured ergonomic grip.

The Bosch PS91-1A Optical Scope comes with the basic features that make it the perfect tool for plumbers, electrical inspectors, and other workers who need visuals of very tight and confined spaces that cannot be reached through other means. Clear, crisp images make remote inspection possible, especially with the lengthy extension cord that this Bosch unit comes with. Even with its standard screen resolution and the lack of more sophisticated features like high definition captures, the Bosch PS91-1A still provides detailed images useful in these types of work.

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